Watt Choices: Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP)
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Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) The Community Education Efficiency Program for Duquesne Light will prepare middle and high school students to become energy efficiency auditors.
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      Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP)

    The Community Education Efficiency Program for Duquesne Light will prepare middle and high school students to become energy efficiency auditors. The objective is to build the community capacity while developing a future workforce of auditors. Initially these students will work to perform audits at their own school facilities, with potential to later fan out to perform audits in the communities for income qualified residents and small businesses. As a result of the students' school audit, a report and a school conservation action plan will be developed and presented to the School Leaders. Implementation of the action plan will result in rebates paid from Duquesne Light to the schools. To promote enthusiasm and enhance the students' experience, the program will be built around an inter-school completion with prizes awarded to schools for energy reduction and content of their action plans. All participating students will receive a Certificate of Energy Auditing presented by Duquesne Light Company.

    Recruitment will occur through school districts with lead teachers from those districts to participate and lead the training efforts. The training will be consistent with industry standards for commercial building auditing and the PA high school education standards.

    How do I Get Started?

    To learn more about the program and what is involved for your school district, click www.wattchoicesceep.com

    or contact Cindy Menhorn (cmenhorn@mcr-group.com) at 847-504-2554 from MCR Performance Solutions to discuss interest and ability to participate.

    Who is MCR Performance Solutions (MCR)?

    Duquesne Light selected MCR in 2008 to assist in design, development and implementation of the Act 129 programs commencing with Phase I. MCR has been a close partner with Duquesne Light since then working on all aspects of Act 129 through Phase I, Phase II and now into Phase III. MCR brings decades of experience in energy efficiency, demand response and regulatory mechanisms.

    Additional Information / Terms and Conditions
    • Duquesne Light reserves the right to deny a rebate due to depletion of Watt Choices program funds.
    • Duquesne Light may require an inspection before issuing the rebate check. The customer must agree, if requested, to grant a Duquesne Light representative site access to verify the installation of the equipment. If the customer refuses to provide access, Duquesne Light has no obligation to provide the customer with a rebate. If your application is selected for on-site verification, rebate processing time may be extended.
    • Duquesne Light does not endorse any specific manufacturers, dealers, or contractors.
    • Duquesne Light provides no warranty for the installed equipment and/or product. By participating in this program, the customer agrees that Duquesne Light has no liability for the quality, safety, and installation of the equipment/product.
    • The program opened June 1, 2016.