Watt Choices: Commercial Efficiency Program
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Express Efficiency Small Commercial & Industrial Customers (<300 billing demand)
(Includes small: office, beauty parlor, convenience stores, restaurants)
Multifamily Housing Retrofit Program
Small Commercial Direct Install
Non-residential Upstream Lighting - Instant Rebate on Screw In LED bulbs for Non-Residential Customers
Commercial Efficiency (>300 billing demand)
(Including large: offices, retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels)
Industrial Efficiency (>300 billing demand)
(Including large: metals, chemicals, food processing, rubber, plastics, other industrial)
Public Agency Partnership Programs (Including Local Government and Municipalities, Healthcare, Nonprofit including Churches, Education Sectors)
Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) The Community Education Efficiency Program for Duquesne Light will prepare middle and high school students to become energy efficiency auditors.
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      Commercial Efficiency Program

    Duquesne Light has partnered with energy-efficiency experts, Franklin Energy, to help Duquesne's LARGE COMMERCIAL customers with 300kW or greater in billing demand take advantage of Watt Choices' wide range of energy- and money-saving opportunities. This includes larger customers in the Retail, Hotel, and Restaurant segments.

    Franklin Energy will bring their expertise to the table to:

    • Conduct energy surveys

    • Identify energy savings projects and project cost estimates

    • Outline potential savings and rebate amount potential, as needed

    • Support you in completing required paperwork to receive rebates after equipment installation
    Franklin Energy will provide some of these services at no charge while others will involve a fee. Each customer works directly with Franklin Energy to choose which services to accept.

    For more information please review our Large Commercial Fact Sheet

    Rebates | Eligibility | Questions | Additional Information / Terms and Conditions

    Energy Efficiency Rebates are available for equipment upgrades and improvements including lighting and cooling (VS Drive on HVAC Supply or Return Fan). Rebates are paid based on the quantity, size, and efficiency of the equipment. They are also provided for qualified equipment commonly installed in a retrofit or equipment replacement situation.

    Custom incentives are available to customers for less common or more complex energy saving measures installed in qualified retrofit and equipment replacement projects. Custom measure incentives are paid based on kWh savings. Projects involving only equipment listed in the rebate catalog are not eligible for a custom incentive.


    • You must be a Duquesne Light large commercial customer. Your Duquesne Light Account Representative or Franklin Energy can tell you if you are in this category when you give them your Duquesne Light account number.
    • Watt Choices Program funds must not be depleted.
    • The equipment must have been installed after June 1, 2016.
    • Qualified measures must be installed at facilities served by Duquesne Light.
    • Customer cannot apply for rebates for the same product, equipment or service from more than one utility.
    • If you are receiving tax credits, state funding or federal funding for the same project, you are still eligible to apply for the Duquesne Light rebate and/or incentive program.
    • The rebate application form must be completed in its entirety and submitted with all required documentation within 180 days of completion of installation.
    Next Steps
    1. You may submit an application for projects you already have identified. Follow all of the directions provided on the application; Franklin Energy will then provide you project details including energy savings and expected rebates that Duquesne Light will offer.
    2. You can also work with Franklin Energy to develop energy-saving ideas for your facility. A preliminary evaluation will be performed. Walk through assessments may be required to identify additional opportunities and to optimize project selection and implementation.
    3. After the energy-saving ideas have been developed, Franklin Energy will provide you details of their recommendations, including costs, energy savings and the expected rebate Duquesne Light will offer.
    4. If you agree to proceed with any of the recommendations, you will sign an agreement form detailing the project scope of work and the related timeline.
    5. Franklin Energy will give the form and other details of your planned project to Duquesne Light to review the project and rebate amount. If Duquesne Light approves the project and the rebate amount, Franklin Energy will share that information with you.
    6. If you desire, Franklin Energy can assist you with equipment specification, vendor selection, bidding and project management.
    7. Once installation is complete, Franklin Energy will conduct a post-installation review to validate energy savings.
    8. Franklin Energy will notify Duquesne Light when the installation is complete. Duquesne Light may require an inspection before issuing the rebate check. The customer must agree, if requested, to grant a Duquesne Light representative site access to verify the installation of the equipment. If the customer refuses to provide access, Duquesne Light has no obligation to provide the customer with a rebate. If your application is selected for on-site verification, rebate processing time may be extended.
    9. Upon final verification and approval of the project, Duquesne Light will issue a rebate check.
    For Questions on large COMMERCIAL rebates

    Contact Peter Druckenmiller (CommercialEfficiency@franklinenergy.com) from Franklin Energy at 877-334-1715.

    Additional Information / Terms and Conditions

    • Duquesne Light reserves the right to deny a rebate due to depletion of Watt Choices program funds.
    • Duquesne Light may require an inspection before issuing the rebate check. The customer must agree, if requested, to grant a Duquesne Light representative site access to verify the installation of the equipment. If the customer refuses to provide access, Duquesne Light has no obligation to provide the customer with a rebate.
    • If the Project is selected for evaluation, measurement and verification, as a condition of accepting the incentive, Customer agrees to provide the following:
      • Access by Verification Personnel to Customer premises to inspect and if necessary measure power requirements, post-installation of the Project described above.
      • Available equipment performance data the Customer may have already been collecting, such as building management system trend data. Providing this data may serve to minimize Customer�s inconvenience of required equipment metering.
      • Access by Verification Personnel to install meters or loggers on Project equipment or electric distribution panels, and to then come back to collect those meters or loggers.
      • Access to facility staff familiar with the Project that can direct Verification Personnel to Project installation location.
    • Duquesne Light does not endorse any specific manufacturers, dealers, or contractors.
    • Duquesne Light provides no warranty for the installed equipment and/or product. By participating in this program, the customer agrees that Duquesne Light has no liability for the quality, safety, and installation of the equipment/product.
    • The program opened June 1, 2016.
    • The program is scheduled to close on May 31, 2021.