Watt Choices: Multifamily Housing Retrofit Program
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      Multifamily Housing Retrofit Program

    Duquesne Light offers its Multifamily Housing Retrofit (MFHR) in Phase III which will increase multifamily owner/operator energy efficiency program participation by providing services tailored to address program market barriers. The MFHR Program targets multifamily housing for income qualified occupants and provides a "one-stop shop" through its market manager model, simplifying program participation and energy efficiency measure adoption for this specialized target market. Program services include the administration of energy efficiency audits, technical assistance for measure level project review and bundling, property aggregation, contractor negotiation and equipment bulk purchasing. The multifamily market manager will integrate funding sources to include program and agency co-funding, performance contracting, grant funding and available financing options. Services also include processing rebate applications and other funding source documentary requirements.

    The program is operated in conjunction with the Public Agency Partnership Program (PAPP) that serves as a conduit to housing authority property inventories. Duquesne Light has conducted a stakeholder meeting with the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania (PHFA), other interested affordable housing trade groups, and other interested stakeholders to coordinate and tailor the measures targeted in the development of affordable housing.

    The multifamily market manager will work with housing authority representatives toward a systematic inventory of housing stock and provision of program services to affect building energy efficiency retrofits. See the chart below for more information:

    Sector Electric Service Space Type Program Income
    Commercial Master Meter Dwelling Unit MFRP Low Income
    Commercial Master Meter Common Area MFRP n/a
    Residential Individually Metered Dwelling Unit Whole House Non-low Income
    Residential Individually Metered Dwelling Unit Whole House Low Income Low Income
    Commercial Individually Metered Common Area Express Efficiency n/a


    Energy Efficiency Rebates are available for equipment upgrades and improvements including lighting and cooling. Rebates are paid based on the quantity, size, and efficiency of the equipment. They are also provided for qualified equipment commonly installed in a retrofit or equipment replacement situation.

    Custom incentives are available to customers for less common or more complex energy saving measures installed in qualified retrofit and equipment replacement projects. Custom measure incentives are paid based on kWh savings.

    How do I Get Started?

    If you are interested in more information contact Dave Defide (ddefide@duqlight.com) or send email inquiry to wattchoices@mcr-group.com to discuss eligibility. Brochure available to download. Multifamily House Retrofit Brochure 2016


    You must be a Duquesne Light customer. Watt Choices Program funds must be available at the time the properly completed rebate application is received. The equipment must have been installed after June 1, 2016. Qualified measures must be installed at facilities served by Duquesne Light. Customer may not apply for rebates for the same product, equipment or service from more than one utility. If you are receiving tax credits, state funding or federal funding for the same project, you are still eligible to apply for the Duquesne Light rebate and/or incentive program. The rebate application form must be completed in its entirety and submitted with all required documentation within 180 days of completion of installation.

    Rebates | Eligibility | How to Enroll | Additional Information / Terms and Conditions

    Additional Information / Terms and Conditions

    • Customer rebates and project incentives are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Duquesne Light reserves the right to deny a rebate due to depletion of Watt Choices program funds.
    • Duquesne Light may require an inspection before issuing the rebate check. The customer must agree, if requested, to grant a Duquesne Light representative site access to verify the installation of the equipment. If the customer refuses to provide access, Duquesne Light has no obligation to provide the customer with a rebate. If your application is selected for on-site verification, rebate processing time may be extended.
    • By participating in this program, the customer agrees that Duquesne Light has no liability for the quality, safety, and installation of the equipment/product.