Watt Choices: Online Energy Audit
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Duquesne Light
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WATT CHOICES for my...
Business Rebates
Express Efficiency Small Commercial & Industrial Customers (<300 billing demand)
(Includes small: office, beauty parlor, convenience stores, restaurants)
Multifamily Housing Retrofit Program
Small Commercial Direct Install
Non-residential Upstream Lighting - Instant Rebate on Screw In LED bulbs for Non-Residential Customers
Commercial Efficiency (>300 billing demand)
(Including large: offices, retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels)
Industrial Efficiency (>300 billing demand)
(Including large: metals, chemicals, food processing, rubber, plastics, other industrial)
Public Agency Partnership Programs (Including Local Government and Municipalities, Healthcare, Nonprofit including Churches, Education Sectors)
Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) The Community Education Efficiency Program for Duquesne Light will prepare middle and high school students to become energy efficiency auditors.
Demand Management
WATT other things may interest me?
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  • Meter Exchange Program
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    Welcome to EnergyInsights™ which will show you where your home’s energy dollars are going, and tips on how you can save.

    Active Duquesne Light residential customers who click on the Detailed Analysis button and complete the EnergyInsights Audit, or the shorter, electric bill “instant analysis,” will receive a free Energy Efficiency Kit through the mail.

    • The kit contains 8 LED lamps and 2 nightlights.
    • The kit will be delivered in 6-8 weeks.
    • The kit will be delivered to your Duquesne Light service address, not to an alternate mailing address you may have listed on your account.

    Learn how to cut your energy bill!

    A FREE, easy-to-use online tool to give you a Detailed Analysis of your home energy use in less than three minutes or an Instant Analysis of your most recent Duquesne Light bill.

    Enter your account number to get started…

    Then choose...

    Terms and Conditions

    • One kit per active residential Duquesne Light account.

    • Customers who choose not to enter their account number into the appropriate field will not receive a kit.

    • Duquesne Light reserves the right to discontinue the Free Energy Efficiency Kit program at any time.

    For inquiries, email wattchoices@duqlight.com.

    For more Duquesne Light Watt Choices information or rebates, please visit www.wattchoices.com.