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WATT CHOICES for my...
Business Rebates
Express Efficiency Small Commercial & Industrial Customers (<300 billing demand)
(Includes small: office, beauty parlor, convenience stores, restaurants)
Multifamily Housing Retrofit Program
Small Commercial Direct Install
Non-residential Upstream Lighting - Instant Rebate on Screw In LED bulbs for Non-Residential Customers
Commercial Efficiency (>300 billing demand)
(Including large: offices, retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels)
Industrial Efficiency (>300 billing demand)
(Including large: metals, chemicals, food processing, rubber, plastics, other industrial)
Public Agency Partnership Programs (Including Local Government and Municipalities, Healthcare, Nonprofit including Churches, Education Sectors)
Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) The Community Education Efficiency Program for Duquesne Light will prepare middle and high school students to become energy efficiency auditors.
Demand Management
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    Keep Your 'Vampires' in Check

    Did you know some appliances, like televisions and computers, use electricity even when they are turned off?  "Vampire" appliances go into a standby mode rather than fully powering down when they are turned off. The most obvious culprits are devices with light-up digital displays or clocks and/or equipment that stay on to respond to remote controls.  Use the calculator below to find out what kind of bite energy vampires take out of your monthly budget.  A single item may not make much of a dent, but add it to a laptop in sleep mode, a turned off television -- or three -- and numerous other electronic devices, and the results may give you a fright.

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    Top energy vampires

    • DVRs
    • Computers and computer-related equipment, such as modems and ink-jet printers
    • Instant-on TVs, especially plasma and rear-projection models.
    • Surround sound systems
    • Cable or satellite TV boxes
    • Video game systems and phone chargers

    How can you minimize energy vampires?

    • Set your computers and other equipment to an energy-efficient mode
    • The simplest way to avoid phantom loads is to unplug appliances and electronics when not in use.
    • Use power strips that will turn off all devices plugged into them.  Smart strips enable you to keep power flowing to specific devices, such as a DVR that may be recording a program overnight, yet completely shut down the power supply to your television set and surround sound system when not in use.
    • Our Watt Choices program offers a free energy efficiency kit to customers who complete a free online home energy audit or instant bill analysis. The kit includes a Smart Strip.